Cat and Small Animal Feeding Service for Saddleworth & Surrounding Areas

Cat Sitting

Pawprints Pet Care Services can give you peace of mind whenever you’re away from your pets. Whether you’re away for a night or month, I will make sure your pets are well cared for in your absence.

Cat Feeding Visits

When cat owners go away from home, most cats would be very unhappy in a cattery and wouldn't settle in a stranger’s home. Cats feel most secure and happy in their own surroundings. When you go away, be it on holiday, or a day or two working, I can visit your cats, feed and water them, clean out any litter trays or let them outside if appropriate, I will also spend some time with them either grooming or just giving a little TLC.

Small Animal Care

If you own fish, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits or caged birds and are going away from home, I can come and feed, water and clean your animals and make sure they well looked after until you return.

I offer feeding visits for pets that live with 4 miles of my home in Uppermill, near Oldham. Prices start from £10.

Other Services

As well as caring for your pets I can also offer a variety of other services while you’re away from home:

  • Removal of mail
  • Plant watering
  • Bins in/out
  • Provisions for your return
  • Closing/opening of curtains
  • Lights on/off

If there is a service that is not listed that you require – please ask!

I am fully insured and police checked. Please read the testimonials on the left to see what some of my current customers say about my service. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or to arrange an appointment so we can discuss your requirements and I can meet your cat. Get in touch on the numbers above or using the contact page.

You can enjoy your time away with peace of mind knowing that your pets are being cared for by experienced, gentle and understanding hands.

I offer my pet care service to customers within 4 miles of my home in Uppermill; this includes parts of Oldham, Mossley, & Saddleworth including Grotton, Diggle, Springhead & Greenfield.

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